March 15-18, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Welcome to EUROCG 2015 

The book of abstracts is available here.

Current news

4. 5. 2015

Videos of the plenary talks have been added. Thanks to

18. 3. 2015

The conference is over. Thanks to all the participants for coming.

16. 3. 2015

A minor change in the schedule - the last talk of the session 10B was moved to the session 10A (Wednesday afternoon)

16. 3. 20.15

Photo gallery published.

16. 3. 2015

Small changes to the schedule have been published. A talk was cancelled in session 2A and in this spot a talk from session 10A was moved.

15. 3. 2015

Some mini maps are also available here.

14. 3. 2015

Information booklets for each participant have just been printed. Get the PDF version here.

10. 3. 2015

The book of abstracts is available here.

General information

The European Workshop on Computational Geometry (EuroCG) is an annual, informal workshop whose goal is to provide a forum for scientists to meet, present their work, interact, and establish collaborations, in order to promote research in the field of Computational Geometry, within Europe and beyond. The workshop aims at providing an informal atmosphere through which both established and young researchers will have a productive exchange of ideas and collaboration.

EuroCG does not have formally reviewed proceedings. A book of abstracts is distributed at the conference site and does not have an ISBN number, and the pdf files of the abstracts available on the EuroCG websites should be regarded as preprints. Therefore, results presented at EuroCG are often also submitted to peer-reviewed conferences and/or journals.

Conference EuroCG 2015 will be held from 15th till 18th of March, 2015 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Plenary speakers

Aleš Leonardis
University of Birmingham
School of Computer Science
Birmingham, UK


Kurt Mehlhorn
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Saarbrücken, Germany


Bojan Mohar
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, Canada


For more information please contact us at: