March 15-18, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Getting to Ljubljana

By Air

Ljubljana Airport (or Jože Pučnik Airport) is the nearest international airport. The international code for the airport is LJU. It is located about 25 km North of Ljubljana. There are numerous ways of getting to the town.


The shuttles can be booked via this booking form: Contact person: Domen Grah. Emergency number: +386 41 376 964.


There is regular bus service from the airport to Ljubljana. The journey time is no more than 45 minutes and costs 4.10 eur. The tickets are purchased on the bus. The bus arrives at the main bus station.


From the airport you can take a taxi as well. The cost to the city center is appx. 50+ euros.


By Car

Ljubljana is easily reached from one of the four neighouring countries. For driving on motorways a viggnete is required. A weekly (lasts 7 days from the day of purchase) vignette costs 15 eur and can be purchased at petrol stations or post offices.

When coming from Austria on motorway through Karavanke tunnel a road toll of 7 eur is attracted.

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By Bus and Rail

The main bus and rail station are both at the same location. The distance from the station to the city center is about 0.5 km.

Travelling by bus to Ljubljana is an option most likely from Italy or Croatia.

Taking the train is probably a better option than bus. There are several connections to cities outside Slovenia. Ljubljana has direct connections to Vienna in Austria, Prague in Czech, Zagreb and Rijeka in Croatia, Münich in Germany, Thessaloniki in Greece, Budapest in Hungary, Trieste and Venice in Italy, Belgrade in Serbia, Zurich in Switzerland, and a whole host of other European cities. 

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Visa Information

Foreigners entering Slovenia must hold a valid travel document. EU/EEA do not need a passport to enter Slovenia, only an identity card. 

Persons from certain countries may need a visa to enter Slovenia. Further information can be found here.

Getting around Ljubljana

There are numerous public city buses in Ljubljana. To use the public transportation you need a special card called Urbana. You can download a map of Ljubljana public transport.

The closest bus stop to the venue is Živalski vrt ZOO. The buses number 18 and 18L connect the city center with the venue. Please beware that due to reconstructions in the city center the bus lines are rerouted.